GOLETZ BOWTIES im „Men Moments“ Magazin #21

Cover Men Moments #21

Ein fundierten Bericht über GOLETZ BOWTIES gibt es nun auch in der aktuellen Ausgabe des MEN MOMENTS Magazins Ausgabe #21. Werft einen Blick ins Magazin und auf die Seite: http://www.menmoments.com/web/


Since 2012 and with a innovate editorial line, Men Moments Magazine is an international fashion and lifestyle magazine, with editors and contributors who travel to and live in the style capitals of the world, can bring to the readers the front lines of luxury and fashion.

Published 12 times during the year, Men Moments features the sections of „Editorials“ where you can find the best models and fashion photographers; „Fashion Alert “ where all the fashion trends and news take place; „Best Choice“ where you can find the best of the best of a man´s word; „Places & Lifestyle“ where you can find the best and most exclusive Hotels, Restaurants and Night Clubs in the world, as well the most exclusive and VIP parties; „Inspired Men“ where the interviews with the men´s of the moment take place; „Art & Culture“ where the best galleries and artists are a reference.



Daniel Goletz

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